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We obtain a great deal of information from the professional world through articles in journals and committee work. With our articles, we stimulate knowledge transfer and discussion.

Contributions are in German, English or Romanian - see the language used in the preface.

Professional articles

Contributions for KA, 3R and various publications


Soil pressures and load propagation under tandem vehicle LM 1

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frederik Müller, IngSoft GmbH, Nuremberg -|- The widely used approach of equivalent surface loads from road traffic for underground pipelines and manhole structures will be replaced in the foreseeable future: It will be replaced by the load models of DIN Technical Report 101 for bridges, which focuses on individual wheel loads. The SLW 60 according to DIN 1072 and the load model1 according to DIN Technical Report 101 are compared. An exemplary investigation of the soil pressures and the load propagation for load model 1 is carried out -|- Published in the journal 3R