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The functional scope of our pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe is large: The calculation modules contain solutions for common = standard-compliant requirements. Would you like a little more? For higher demands and special cases, use our extensions.

IngSoft offers the Special Vehicles extension so that you can record special vehicles that are outside the usual regulations.

With its help, you can determine floor stresses under forklifts, cranes, reach stackers or aircraft such as the Airbus A 380. We deliver some load models directly with the extension; you select them via dropdown. Others you take from the client's specification, e.g. a landing gear footprint.

The approach is based on a pyramid-shaped load propagation. You as the user specify the propagation angle in the soil as well as a possible load-distributing layer (road structure) with a deviating propagation angle. IngSoft EasyPipe automatically transfers the soil stresses determined in this way into the calculation and specifies essential parameters in the printout.

You can set any center distances, wheel arrangements and wheel loads. The structural analysis software outputs the load progression over the depth graphically and in tabular form. Output as a separate PDF file is possible.

The Profile from drawing extension enables the determination of cross-section values from image files for the calculation of profiled pipes. It determines static values such as

  • Area
  • section modulus
  • Area moment of inertia
  • Inertia distance

from a bitmap file (.bmp) imported by the user.

Using the profile width as an indicator for the repetition of a section, Profile from drawing scales the entire profile. The geometry to be read in must be available as a bitmap file in black and white mode for this purpose. The IngSoft EasyPipe program recognizes exact black areas and assigns them to the profile.

You can output the calculated profile values as a PDF file independently of the current calculation.

Note: The extension is available for modules A 127, A 161, SIA 190.

This extension is used to statically verify reinforced concrete pipes and concrete pipes that have a foot.

The calculation is performed by means of a stress analysis based on ATV-DVWK-A 127 Figure 9 for egg-shaped and circular foot pipes (DIN V 1201:2004-08). You enter the wall thicknesses in the crown, comb and invert in the input mask.

For foot pipes, the extension uses the moment coefficients and the normal force coefficients from the publication by Hornung/Kittel 'Statik erdüberdeckter Rohre', Bauverlag GmbH, 1989, p. 283 ff.

Note: The extension A127 Pipe with base can be used in the calculation module A127 Trenching.

With this extension, you can calculate standard egg-shaped profiles in Host Pipe Condition III (HPC III) on a geometrically accurate model with an egg-shaped contour. Until now, the approximation method mentioned in the rulebook resorted to an equivalent circle. This approach is sometimes on the uncertain side.

Egg-shaped profile in HPC III takes the actual geometry into account and incorporates it into a regular beam model. As is usual with circular cross-sections, the software automatically calculates all necessary load combinations for Eiprofile in HPC III. An additional innovation is the superposition (interaction) of earth and live loads with groundwater pressure, which was not possible on the equivalent circle until now.

With the corresponding documentation in the printout, the calculation path for egg profiles can now be traced without gaps, and the results correspond better to reality for all load combinations.

Note: We offer the extension for the modules M127-2 and A143-2.