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Licensing models

Overview of available licensing types

LicenseDevice bindingTime limitCommercial useRestrictions
Single useryesnoyesnone
DemoyesyesnoWatermark, fixed pipe diameter


We consider the first license as a single-user license. Further installations are offered at a reduced price. The prerequisite for this is a congruent range of functions and an identical company logo.

A parallel program start by several users at the same time is possible.

If you do not want to use the program at the same time within your company, floating licenses are an alternative: You can install the program on as many computers as you like, the simultaneous use is linked to the number of licenses.

Prerequisites are a congruent range of functions and an identical company logo. A permanent connection to the server is required at runtime.

As an alternative to a one-time purchase, you can rent the Professional Edition of IngSoft EasyPipe for a limited period of time. The rental period is full months in each case.

A rental license is bound to a single computer.

For research and teaching purposes we offer IngSoft EasyPipe at special conditions.

For theses such as Bachelor or Master you will receive a free full version of our pipe static software.

On request we will send you a free demo version of IngSoft EasyPipe.