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Pipe rehabilitation with liners


A 143 - 2

With the A 143-2 Basic calculation module, you can calculate all necessary load combinations including interaction up to host pipe condition III (HPC III) for circular profiles within one calculation step. The program covers egg-shaped and circular liners in HPC I-II. Egg profiles in host pipe state III are detected with the extension 'Egg shaped profile'.

The software for liner statics implements the semi-probabilistic partial safety factor concept of the code.

M 127 - 2

The scope of the calculation module M 127-2 Basic is comparable to that of the calculation module A 143-2 Basic, whereby the leaflet ATV-M 127-2 prescribes a global safety concept.

The DWA replaced the leaflet ATV-M 127-2 with the worksheet DWA-A 143-2 in July 2015.