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Successful projects...

... processed, supervised, modeled, calculated, interpreted and evaluated by us:

  • Tangential manholes
  • openings, nozzles, outlets
  • branches and inlets of pipelines
  • Manhole cone with reinforcing ribs
  • Welded connections
  • Pipe packages/tube bundles and cable bundles (several pipe strings are laid next to and/or on top of each other)
  • Pipeline under taxiways at airports
  • Crossings and culverts within the jurisdiction of German Railway (DB)
  • Special shaped parts
  • Vessels under internal pressure
  • Y-branches
  • Pipelines in poorly load-bearing subsoil (pile foundations)
  • Pipe rehablitation by CIPP for arbitrary profiles
  • Short pipe relining for large sections rehabilitation in all host pipe conditions (HPC I to HPC III)
  • Jacking pipes as trenchless methods in concrete, reinforced concrete and steel
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD, horizontal directional drilling) for pipes made of HDPE or steel, BLS

We have a wide range of options for combining material and geometry.

For this purpose, we use different aproaches such as the finite element method (FEM). With your input, we build a representative model, which we load and analyse. Our engineers evaluate the analysis and document the results completely and comprehensibly in a technical report.

Would you like us to work together on a project?

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