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Training A143-2


Our training on A143-2 follows the worksheet DWA-A 143-2:2015 and covers pipe relining and short pipes.

In the existing stock, regular rehabilitation of sewer pipes is required that deviate from the shape of the circular profile or standard egg-shaped profile: dragon or hood profile, stretched or pressed egg-shaped profile, mouth profiles, channels with dry weather gutter (TWR). As an engineering service provider, we design liners and short pipes for such geometries using FEA.

Topic Overview

Code of practice A143-2

  • Host pipe conditions
    - I: Host pipe with sufficient load-bearing capacity
    - II: Host pipe-soil system alone load-bearing
    - III: Host pipe-soil system alone no longer load-bearing in the long term
    - (IIIa: Host pipe mathematically no longer available, replacement, new construction)
  • Pre-deformations
  • Annular gap

Safety concept

Load assumptions

Verifications for construction conditions

  • Pulling in of the strand
  • Backfilling of annulus

Verifications for operating conditions

  • Imperfections
  • Ground failure (under discussion)