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IngSoft EasyPipe

A first contact

The pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe is a Windows program that works on all common Windows systems. In the first step of the training, the program itself is briefly introduced in order to guarantee the most effective use possible in the future and to avoid unnecessary searching for functions.

Topic Overview

Installation and licenses

  • Your license (often: At workstation, in user profile)
  • Competing installation ("floating license", server installation)

Program interface

  • Context-sensitive help
  • Options

Features of the Professional Edition

  • Database editor
  • External attachments
  • Variant creation (multiple cases within one project)


  • Special vehicles
  • Pipe with foot (concrete, reinforced concrete: e.g. form EF according to DIN V 1201)
  • Egg profile in Host Pipe Condition III (HPC III)