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Kanalarbeiter über Schacht
Stadthalle Fürth
The "Nuremberg Colloquia on Sewer Rehabilitation" with exciting lectures and accompanying trade exhibition will attract the public to Fürth on September 26, 2024.
WOW Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center
As an internationally established specialist conference, the trenchless series will be held in Istanbul on 23 and 24 October 2024 under the title NO-DIG TÜRKIYE 2024.

IngSoft at IFAT 2024: A look back

IngSoft at IFAT 2024 ► Read now!

DWA Wasser Alles Klar Initiative

Young talent and image initiative: DWA launches its Wasser Allesklar campaign in 2024


iro 2024: We were there!

Industry and family meeting "iro" at the start of the year in Oldenburg: Our short summary ► Watch now!


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IngSoft is certified according to ISO 27001

Careful handling of customer data and the security of information and systems used are top priorities for us. Therefore, we act according to the…

Videos for IngSoft EasyPipe

With version 2.11.1 from July 2023, we offer the description of significant changes and new features in the form of videos. ► Watch now!