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Training A161 / GW312

Pipe jacking

The calculation module A 161 for IngSoft EasyPipe follows the worksheet DWA-A 161 / DVGW GW 312, 2nd edition (2014). In addition, we map the "state of the art" such as TM4:4019 of DB Netz AG (steel pipes with cover depths >1.5m) and material parameters according to DWA-A 127-1.

This allows you to verify pipes laid without trenches using various installation methods: Classic jacking with mining methods, pilot pipe, microtunneling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

In pipe jacking according to DWA-A 161 / DVGW GW 312, the longitudinal direction is added to the circumferential direction of trenching. Knowledge of ATV-DVWK-A 127 is therefore advantageous.

Topic overview

Regulations DWA-A 161 / DVGW GW 312

  • Semi-probabilistic partial safety factor concept
  • Pressure Transfer Ring (PTR): test protocol
  • Interaction from radial and axial direction
  • Construction and operating condition
  • Loose soil and solid rock
  • Minimum wall thicknesses, minimum reinforcement
  • Fatigue check (1x10^8 load cycles with railroad traffic load)

Special case of railroad crossings with steel pipes

Notes on installation and logging

Calculation examples: Your projects