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Training A127


The calculation module A 127 for IngSoft EasyPipe follows the worksheet ATV-DVWK-A 127, 3rd edition (2000 edition). In addition, we take into account the "state of the art" such as the LM1 road traffic load model, concrete grades such as C25/30 (instead of B25) and material parameters according to DWA-A 127-1.

We treat other standards such as AWWA M45 or SIA190:2017 analogously. Especially for newcomers to the pipeline industry, we recommend the basics of installation in trenches, because other installation methods(jacking/HDD and rehabilitation/liners, as well as manholes) are partly derived from the concepts of ATV-DVWK-A 127. For new installation in trenches, usually only the circumferential direction of the pipes is considered.

Topic Overview

Introduction: Pipeline construction

  • Theory/planning/statics of pipelines
  • Practical aspects

The regulations: ATV-DVWK-A 127 (trench and dam laying)

Core elements of the A 127

  • Pipe-soil system
  • System stiffnessVRB (bending stiff/rigid, bending soft/flexible)
  • Bedding reaction pressure


Calculation examples: Your projects