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Internationality through multilingualism: We offer IngSoft EasyPipe in numerous languages, which you can change at runtime. The table below provides an overview.

Languages for IngSoft EasyPipe by calculation module

  A 127 A 161 M 127-2 A 143-2 M 45 Schacht SIA 190

Each edition contains one national language. We recommend that you check the current status of translations of your desired languages for the structural analysis program IngSoft EasyPipe within the scope of the demo version.

Are you missing a language for a calculation module?

IngSoft always provides the German and English languages. Due to the very special terminology, we do not implement other languages with a translation agency, but with our customers: You can actively participate in the design of the software. In return, you receive the language free of charge, or we reach an agreement that accommodates both sides.

IngSoft provides its own software for the translation, so that the path from translation to the IngSoft EasyPipe programme remains short. Through the AI of the translation interface of DeepL we prepare new modules or languages. Afterwards, there is no need for a complete new translation and the work is reduced to proofreading.

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