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Structural design

Structural design for pipes, liners and manholes

A structural analysis proves that the construction is structurally sound. Structural design is a part of project planning. The design results are verifications of stresses, strains, stability and deformations. All boudary conditions used in a structural analysis are documented in a comprehensible manner. In a signed and stamped report the design procedure is explained step by step.

Reasons for structural design?

  • Economic design of all materials used
  • Computational proof of structural stability
  • State of the art for design and dimensioning
  • Comprehensive long-term documentation/archiving, also for post-construction measures
  • Legal certainty, clear responsibilities

Pipes, liners and manholes are essential components of our subterranean infrastructure. People take their consistent functionality for granted. Planning includes a reliable assessment of the environmental conditions, taking into account current regulations in order to ensure safe operation in the long term.

A structural planning helps us to determine boundary conditions more correctly, to apply them depending on the considered situation and to document them in the long term.

How does a structural design procedure work at IngSoft?

  • You require a project-related "structural design" and send us an inquiry: Contact
  • We review your documents*)
  • We make you a non-binding offer and give you a delivery date
  • You place the order in text form
  • We work on your project and send you a comprehensive structural report
  • You get an invoice for our services

*) The exact information we need depends on the project. Our engineers are looking forward to assist you in selecting "relevant" documents.